Sunday, August 31, 2008

Migration Instincts

Upon waking yesterday, Mr.Q totally redeemed himself when he told me of a conversation he'd had at the club the night before. Seems some friends were asking about me and he told them I was in bed, resting up for the big yarn sale. He told them I planned to leave early, to line up before the store opened.

"Do you mean, she's the line-up?" one of them asked. He was still shocked about it when he was telling me about it the next morning. "I told them they obviously didn't know much about knitters," he said. "I just had to educate those Muggles!"

Awwww! Well, he may not knit himself, but after that, I think he's earned an honourary exemption from Mugglehood. He walked me to the bus stop and sent me off with an encouraging "Have a good accident!"

I trekked up to Three Bags, and found other knitters coming out of the woodwork almost as soon as I got off the bus. We were the first in line, but were almost immediately joined by another woman who told us she'd been walking up and down the street, waiting for someone else to line up so she wouldn't be alone. There were a handful of other Ravellers that I knew: beentsy, Plae, and yarnpiggy. We went over the sale list, our wish lists, and planned our strategies together. And it's a darned good thing we got there early!

The very nice staff at Three Bags came out with a plate of mini-cupcakes for us while we waited patiently. (And, of course, we knat.) In return, we let them get out of the way when they opened the door, before herding in like a bunch off...well...sheep! It were a bit crowded in that tiny shop.

It took me about 35 minutes to find what I wanted/needed (and I was rather impressed at my restraint!) - and about 45 minutes in line for the till. Fortunately, I had my knitting. And other knitters to talk to. (Really, what other group of people would consider the invasion of personal space and fondling of strangers' clothes to be the height of etiquette? An odd bunch, but they're my peeps!) On the way out, I had another cupcake from the cupcake tree:

Beentsy & I waited outside for yarnpiggy for awhile (we lost Plae almost immediately - she is a most efficient and self-restrained yarn shopper!) A woman on her way out of the store came up to me: "Hey, I know you! You knit on my bus every morning! That's a new sock. What are you using....?" Knitting does bring the world together!

Eventually, after a coffee down the street with beentsy, I made my way home with my treasures. Happy coincidence, Jel was at our neighbourhood cafe when I walked by. She came out and grabbed me, and I got to do another show and tell. And Mr.Q played the role of excited spouse quite well. (Ummm...even when I told him how much I really spent. I thought his eyes were going to pop out of his head, but he just gulped and said nothing.) He even came outside with me this morning to photograph the new stash:

There's some Cascade Eco-wool (another larval sweater); some Dream in Colour Classy (for baby sweaters) and Smooshy (supposedly for a swap, if I can bear to send it away); one skein of Malabrigo Lace (white, for a scarf of some kind) and two skeins of Silky Malabrigo for touching and fondling and loving forever.

In other, non-yarny news, Mr.Q did indeed get himself to a dentist yesterday afternoon. One that's reasonably close to our neighbourhood, and who comes recommended by several of his co-workers - always nice to have a recommendation for that kind of thing! His tooth has indeed abscessed, but can be saved with a root canal rather than extracted. The dentist sent him home with antibiotics and Tylenol-3s in the meantime (and we got to try our new prescription cards - rather than having to sent out receipts and wait for re-imbursement - that's fun!) And Mr.Q is feeling much better this morning. Which, because I'm not entirely heartless, makes me happy.

And it's a long weekend, which makes me even happier! Going to tackle a bit of laundry, then we're going out for a play date. TTFN!

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no-blog-rachel said...

They'll all drive you crazy at least once in a while but your Mr. Q. is a good one. And you got to hang with Beentsy! I'm jealous.