Friday, May 2, 2008

Free as a bird!

Well. No more unspeakable acts with the livestock for me! The shites at That Job made the decision for me...I was handed my walking papers today. Though the reason was supposedly due to "lack of work", it was really because of very badly disguised personal feelings of vindictiveness on the part of someone with the clout to get rid of me.

Guess people who stand up for themselves & call bullshit make her nervous...And I can certainly live with that! Fortunately, Mr.Q just got a nice little raise, and we've squirrelled a little bit away, so we've got some breathing room. (No need to panic, Mom!)

I'm a litte adrenaline-y, of course...also, very unsurprised. Every frustration I've had about That Job has just been confirmed. (Or re-confirmed) And the heavy-handedness with which "dissent" is being squashed is really just ensuring that the squashers are giving themselves the rope with which they'll strangle themselves. Good plan, that: go into the busiest season in the industry with an uhappy staff who don't trust the security of their jobs, or you personally. Have fun with that!

As for me, I feel wonderfully relieved. Now I don't have to make the decision about when to leave (and it was inevitable!). I am free, free like a bird! (A bird, yes. A soaring bird who will poop on the unsuspecting crocodile-heads below...whee!)

Gotta run. Busy, unemployed me is off to Jel's for some celebratory Kahlua & coffee. That Indian dinner Mr.Q & I were planning on tonight has just been upgraded from "payday treat" to "Independence Day party"...

Guess the goats will just have to learn to blow themselves!

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no-blog-rachel said...

Yay you! I've had the pleasure of watching places that have told me 'lack of work' - when it was really 'lack of good management' - go down the tubes too.

Enjoy the freedom and celebrations.