Sunday, May 18, 2008

What a rush!

So Barb put forth a challenge the other day: make a list of things that give you a "joy rush" - spend some time focusing on gratitude - a good idea! So here I am with my own attempt...not so illustrated, since I'm at my parents' place & my computer with photos is about 840 km west of you'll just have to imagine! This is in no particular order, whatsoever, and highly incomplete...

* waking up to a cat cuddled against the small of my back, under the blankets - especially if I can go back to sleep and enjoy it for awhile longer

* that Mr.Q sets his alarm a few minutes early so we have cuddle time every morning before he leaves for work

* my almost-9-year-old nephew telling me he's not too old for snuggling with his aunt

* my wee hobbit nieces singing together on a stage, no self-consciousness at all

* that I get to be an aunt to these 4 magical, wonderful, bright, imaginative, beautiful kidlets who bring such joy into the world. I love them so fiercely it astonishes me. They make me want to be a better person, so I can set a better example for them. Plus, they give the best hugs ever! There is nothing as heart-warming as seeing them running toward me for hugs. And the way they know just how to pose for pictures cracks me up. Little divas, all. I love 'em!

* my family - is definitely quirky and sometimes cranky and often harder on each other than we are on other people - but for all that, we're pretty tight. What's more, familial loyalty aside, we actually like each other (most days, anyway!) - which is saying something...and I, for one, like the quirks.

* being outside on a moonlit night that's so bright it casts shadows

* hearing loons singing

* hearing coyotes singing

* the way Mr.Q has a (highly accurate!) glossary of facial expressions I didn't even know I use, until his acutely observant self defined them for's astonishing and marvellous that he knows me so well - and still wants to stick around!

* when we've had a fight, or I'm just having a grumpy day, he comes home with a Twix bar to share...however crabby I may be, it never, ever fails to make me smile

* Mr.Q has a particularly mischievous grin that, after almost 9 years together, still makes me catch my breath...mmmmm!

* connecting with friends that I haven't seen in months or even years...and being able to slip right back into authentic, honest, soul-baring, funny, heart-sharing conversations, with no awkwardness or hesitation, and with lots of hugs

* the fact that I am blessed with several such friends - and we all are aware enough to know that it's a blessing, making us cherish it that much more

* the first sight of the Rockies when my plane flies into Cranbrook - takes my breath away and just makes me feel Home. The warm-vanilla smell of the ponderosa pines when I get off the plane totally cements that.

* that Mr.Q, in a lunch trailer full of gruff construction workers listening in on his conversation, will talk to me every day on his lunch break, and with not the teeniest jot of self-consciousness in that company, tell me he loves me.

* storm light - those spears of sunlight through blue-gray clouds, all eerie and wild-looking...

* making music with friends...there's nothing quite like being on an outdoor stage under the stars at 1:00 AM, doing a spontaneous 7-part harmonization of Amazing Grace that just works. (We did a fine job with The Old Black Rum, too!)

I really could go on and on, but anymore about Mr.Q & you'd prolly all choke on mushballs. And I have to pour my coffee...big day ahead of me: going to sit on the chair-swing on the deck with my coffee & a book for the morning. And probably much the same for the afternoon. All of it in my PJs.

(Another joy rush - the book is one that a good friend of ours has finally had published, after years of trying...I was able to walk into the bookstore here and find it already on the shelf...squee!...and I can't put it down. The reason I'm so badly in need of coffee this morning is that I was up way late last night with it. I'm so proud and happy for him!)

(Edited to add: what's on your joy-rush list, hmmm?)


Barb said...

I'm SO sending you a book. I know it's not as cool as the book you're reading but dude, I got all teary and I'm having a no good, very bad, horrible day. Send me your address and thanks for the reminder of all the things I forgot to list the first time...


Anie said...

love this entry....well done on Joy, lady!