Thursday, May 1, 2008


He did it TWO. MORE. TIMES.

Our response time improved dramatically with each incident - second time (4:20 AM), Mr.Q chased him out before he let the mouse go; third time (5:30 AM), we cornered him in the kitchen before he got near the bedroom. I'm pretty sure they were different mice each time.

Then he had the cajones to try & cuddle with me when the alarm went off. As if.

He is not my favourite feline right now!


Jelaina said...

Frrrrreaaking frack!

=Tamar said...

Thank FSM the cat is at least trying to catch the mice instead of ignoring them. Maybe the mice will pass the word and avoid the place?

Joan said...

Attila will bring his half-dead playmates into the house and deposit them in his toybox... not much fun when the toys still have enough "oomph" to scamper away and hide in the house!

Rabbitch said...

I don't mind the mice so much apart from the fact that they'll pee in the merino, but there's nothing worse than mousebreath kisses.