Monday, May 12, 2008

Home again, home again

I could get used to all this traipsing around with The Gentle Infidels. It's a much more pleasant, laid-back, enjoyable experience than it ever was with The Band From Hell. Nothing like a good dose of spring to start things off right:

News report today said we had the coldest April in 36 years. So seeing (and smelling!) the lilacs coming out is pure bliss. It was a perfect day for a ferry ride - saw some harbour seals on the way, and a few bald eagles - very cool. Also, chilly on deck, perfect for a little extra cuddling:

Because I like you all so much, I did not post the smiley-er pic with the nostril shot. Friday's show in Victoria was in a funky cafe with the best spicy Mayan hot chocolate ever. Ever. Also, a few old friends that I hadn't seen in eons were there (including one who opened for the GIs), and we had a good catch-up.

Saturday, I'm afraid I woke up a little crabby. A mood not improved by the pretentious atmosphere and s-l-o-w service at the hip, overpriced breakfast joint downtown. (Though I must say, best Hollandaise sauce on Eggs Benny ever. Ever.) Mr.Q knows just what to do with me at times like that, though. He took me to the local Temple of My People, and settled down in the corner to read for as long as it took for me to regain my equilibrium.

He was appropriately responsive when I brought him skeins of camel & cashmere to fondle (oh, my! I restrained myself - barely - and the credit card remained intact....though I did almost need a "personal moment" to fully express my appreciation for the lusciousness of that particular yarn...) He helped me choose colours (though his way of "helping" might not be the most constructive: "I like them all. I think you should get them all.")

I only got 2, and not of the Camel Spin, but some sock yarn. With a little cashmere in it, to scratch the itch! Then I went back to the Solstice Cafe for another cup of that fab hot chocolate, while he browsed through the used bookstores.

Off to Duncan, a cool little town between Victoria and Nanaimo, where they had a second show booked at the funkiest little venue I have ever, ever been in. Ever. The Garage Showroom is above a neat indoor marketplace-cafe-bookstore, in an old timber-framed, wood-floored building. I can't find any photos of it, to really show how enchanting it was. I got just one of Mr.Q onstage:

But as cool as the stage looks (and it was very cool) it doesn't show the motley hodge-podge of the rest of the theatre: mix-and-match theatre seats for about 70 people, a couple of couches right in front of the stage, all manner of eclectic odds and ends - a kaleidescope tube over a lazy susan with sparkly rocks and a clay hippo; head scratchers (?!), a swiss-army-knife collection of bubble-blowers, hanging lamps, old cabinets...all collected & tended by the venue's manager, a wacky, lanky old leather-headband-wearing hippy called Longevity John, who has 10 little fuzzy hyper dogs.

It was very surreal. Also, Longevity John dialed up just about the best sound I've ever heard the GIs play with, and probably anyone else, too. And at the end of the night, he gave us all nose flutes.

We stayed with friends in Nanaimo for the night, and before we headed for the ferry home, they took us to their favourite diner for a (very) late breakfast. A much better experience than the morning before! Tina's is tiny, quirky, tasty & cheap. The walls are covered in 45s and Betty Boop memorabilia. There's a lot of red. I think it was love at first sight, anyway, but then I noticed the window where the kitchen puts the orders up:

Note the red velvet curtains. Held open by gold chains. Love it!

Home again, Monday again, doing laundry quickly the routine takes over again! Off to start dinner for Mr.Q...I'm thinking of getting some pearls and heels to do my housework in. Just for authentic effect. But they'd probably look ridiculous with my bright pink flannel nightie, so maybe I'll hold off for now.

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