Friday, May 23, 2008

What day is it? I've lost track...

Wednesday (?) I took my nephew for a "date." We went for a drive a bit out of town & stopped to look at an osprey nest & the high water in Wildhorse Creek (yay spring run-off!), and to smell a Ponderosa pine (vanilla - mmm!) Then we went for hot chocolate. This took a bit of negotiating, as he said he didn't want hot chocolate. I was rather surprised - what kid doesn't jump at chocolate?! "Really? What would you rather have instead - juice, a steamed milk, what?"

"Actually," he said, "I'd rather have a toy than hot chocolate. The drink will only last for a couple of minutes, but a toy will last a lot longer."

Ummm...huh? Sneaky little turkey! It was definitely one of those "don't laugh, it only encourages them" moments. "Well," I replied, "I'm going for hot chocolate. You can have one or not, it's your choice."

He opted for the hot chocolate.

And then I bought him a toy.

Girls' Night that evening. One friend has a birthday coming up, and we wanted to do something special for her...but she's on a cleanse. What do you do for someone who won't eat birthday cake? Voila!

I believe that was pomegranate juice in the wine glass. The rest of us, however, had no such restrictions:

It were a late night, what with all the deep conversations about bras and butt padding. I laughed so hard, I think I pulled something. I stayed at my sister's after; her husband has a ritual that must be performed whenever the Quimbys come to visit:

Brie, baked with jam. Yes, we ate the whole thing. Though I think I'm off dairy for a couple of days now!

Waking up the next morning with the help of the kids...was a whole other adventure, a post of its own, methinks! And last night, Mom took me to see Prince Caspian. Much of it barely resembled the book, but it was well done as a story of its own. Great brain candy!

(Is it weird to have a crush on a fictional character half my age? Coz let me tell you, dark, brooding Caspian, with that Spanish accent, was dreamy!)

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