Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mama's taking us to the zoo tomorrow....

Well, not "us" so much as "me." And she's not really taking me, but flying me there. And maybe not the zoo, exactly, but certainly an equivalent...I's going home for a week and a half. Yay me! Way back in December, she asked me what I wanted for Christmas. "Air Miles," I said. "I want a trip home, by myself, not for a special occasion, but just because."

"But then you won't have anything under the tree!" she said.

So? As if any wrapped present (except maybe one of her stained glass pieces...!) could be half as great as 10 days with no agenda and nothing to do besides visit people I never have time to see when I'm home for an occasion! And I'm going solo, without Mr.Q. Whom I adore, and whom I will miss...but who isn't so much a social butterfly as a personification of the (social) butterfly effect. Which doesn't make for easy, laid-back, minimal-schedule kinds of vacations!

So. I'm flying about today, in a mad rush of cleaning, laundry (am I the only person who has noticed that "laundry" seems to be a code name for "self-replicating amoeba from hell"?) and packing. Trying to get out the door to do some errands, and just got a call from Purolator - idjits - I had to get a copy of my birth certificate from Ontario, and they couriered it to me. Didn't leave a pick-up notice, and now they're telling me I have to pick it up myself - Mr.Q's not allowed - in the next 5 business days. Which would be while I'm gone. Again, I say: idjits! (It's right near Mr.Q's job site, actually, so if I can get my crap together in time to meet him at work, maybe we can do it's hoping!)

(I guess I should quit procrastinating, then!)

Gratuitous knitting content: a wee sock I did up for a swap - ain't it cute? I didn't want to send it away...

It was so much fun that I'm having visions of a miniature Christmas tree, all done in a theme...

(As if I could be that organized! Or have that much patience!)

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