Friday, May 23, 2008


Saw this poster on a telephone pole downtown by the grocery store:

I wish I could have figured out how to clearly photograph the caption on the bottom. It says: "Paid for by the Friends of Broccu-Lon 9 Invasion of Earth Planetary Planning Committee."

And that's all it says. How very very delightful!

Mom insisted that I take a photo with my knitting. I was a little exasperated - I know I like yarn, but it's not my whole identity. Also, I was cold and it was trying to rain again. I indulged her, though, because she's my mother and I always do what she tells me to. While I was struggling with my pack and sock and camera, I asked her why. Why does she keep asking me why there isn't yarn in the pictures I take? Hmm?

"I just like to see your knitting having adventures," she said.

How can I argue with that? So, here's Smooshy Charade No.2 with Head of Broccoli:

I wonder if we can get his autograph when he comes?


screaming silently said...

i love that poster - i want one! thanks for sharing in the blog love!

Rebecca said...

Fabulous! And even better with the knitting. ☺