Wednesday, May 21, 2008


I thought I'd have whacks of pictures and adventures to report by mid-week...but, blissfully, I do not. Instead, I have had a lot of sleep, a lot of Mom's home-cooking (20-clove garlic chicken, free-range tenderloin steaks on the BBQ, oatmeal cookies...divine!) & I've had a lot of coffee. Yesterday, from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm, I had three back-to-back visits with 3 fabulous women...time enough for one-on-one conversations to evolve and spread out and feed the soul, rather than 45 minutes crunched into a schedule. Then, I had a nice dinner out with Dad and got to do the same with him.

We came home and sat companionably on the couch, while he futzed around on his computer & I knat. At one point, I realized I had to frog 4 rows of my sweater (curses!). The light in the living room is really poor, so I pulled out my headlamp to do it. Without a word, he rummaged around in his pack...when I looked up to see what he was doing, he was wearing his! I'm not sure if he was trying to help, or trying to mock me, but it was funny. (Also, every time I take a picture, he - &/or Mom - will ask why there's no knitting in the photo. I still haven't decided whether I should pretend to be offended, for form's sake. But it's rather amusing.)

Today, I am taking my nephew for an Auntie date, and on Saturday, I'll do the same with his sisters. (All three of them at once...erk...could be interesting!) A ladies' night tonight, coffee with my mother-in-law tomorrow, and time with Mom on Friday.

The situation around being unemployed has been stressful...but the time I have right now is such a gift. I'm quite lucky, and I know it, and I'm very grateful. I feel like my mind & my body are in the same place, and more or less the same time zone, for the first time in a loooong while. And it just snuck up on me. It was kind of funny when I realized that this morning. I was thinking "wow! I actually didn't sleep all that well last night, but I feel really rested...I wonder why?" And then it hit me, as I was having coffee on the porch, listening to the birds, wondering if it would rain or not, thinking how warm my feet were...Whoa! My brain isn't trying to do the Indy 500 inside my head! How cool is that?!

I never did like fast cars.

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Ari said...

the headlamp bit is hilarious! I have one that I use for knitting and such when I'm camping - and i always get made fun of!

i do have to say that i'm almost envious of your employment situation - the money would be an issue, but the time would be a blessing! enjoy it while you can!