Monday, May 19, 2008

Fun, fun, fun, in the sun, sun, sun...*

A hot, sunny weekend (what is that big bright ball in the sky? I am so not used to it...sunburned nose!) Friday, after flying in & having a nap - after having to get up at the crack of dawn to catch a plane - we headed out to Mayook, for a potluck musical celebration in honour of our friend Dooger, who passed away a couple years ago. The Doogie Boogie was a wonderful mix of good people, good potluck fare (everyone always pulls out the stops for potlucks here...I mean, there was huckleberry pie! Food of the gods!) and good tunes on an outdoor stage until the birds sang in the dawn. I borrowed a tent from friends and camped out. Check out the digs:

All to myself! Bigger than some ridiculously overpriced condos in Vancouver.

There were Mad Cows:

I wish the matching bovine earrings were more visible. Our friend Beth, bookended by my sister and I - the three of us did a few songs together...good times! (The real cows lowing at 5:00 AM - not so entertaining.)

Ha Ha Lake in the sunshine:

Apparently the water was fine, even this early in the year. I wasn't brave enough to tackle it, though. Not so much coz of the cold, but I didn't have a swimsuit, and I was far too sober to go skinnydipping in broad daylight.

Saturday, a family friend's 60th...same deal: out in the boonies, potluck, tunes, camping out. Being too tired from my own revelries the night before, I didn't stay the night. I did help Dad pitch their tent though, some nice father-daughter bonding. I was singing "I've been working on the railroad" in my head the whole time...I had to get a shot of the tent "pegs" he uses (with a 10-pound mallet!) - he insisted that there be knitting in the picture - the blob of blue is my sweater-in-progress:

My mother & sister helped cook up burgers for 60 or so people. I stayed out of their way. They were a regular Kitchen Nazi & Apprentice - though I'm still unclear which was which...Sarah kept touching Mom's onions, and Mom kept getting her mitts into the burgers Sarah was cooking, and I felt much safer being at a distance:

Sarah & I left about 9:30. I drove; she was on wildlife scouting duty. We tried to establish a code to alert me to the presence and position of deer and other critters. The whole clock method (ungulate at 3 o'clock) just confuses me, and I'm not so good with "left" and "right" the time I'd figured out which is which, we'd have Bambi riding with us. So we settled on "Ohmygodwatchoutwe'regonnadie!"

Fortunately, the only deer we saw were not on the road. I'm not sure that system would have been effective!

Last night, Sarah & her hubby took their two older ones to see Prince Caspian, and dropped the two wee ones at Mom & Dad's for the evening. We took them down to see the baby Canada Geese at the wildlife sanctuary on the edge of town:

Selah & Grandad having a moment on the dock...she was very concerned that he was sitting too close to the goose poop:

Then, she noticed I had the camera out, little diva!

Meanwhile, Shiloh & I were bonding:

Then Shiloh wanted to use the camera. This one's hers:

(After we got home, I was sending some email, and Shiloh announced she wanted to "spell on the 'puter" - so I helped her send Mr.Q an email, which went something like this: "ggjfklsllkkjflkdfkljkfjkal alkjfkdsl flksdklfk kggfj fldkjfdjkfkdjf." Mr.Q was delighted with it. Then she climbed on my lap while I was knitting, was very interested in seeing how to do it...after about 2 minutes, though, she climbed down, announced: "That's gonna take a lot of days!" and wandered off to play with something more instantly gratifying.)

*Bonus points if you can name that tune...

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Rabbitch said...

Theme song from Red Dwarf.

It may also be something else, but it's that for sure.