Monday, May 5, 2008

June Cleaver, eat my dirt! (Or vacuum it, or something...pretty please!)

Used to be, when I was in university, that my apartment was never so clean as during final exams. What a great way to procrastinate on that term paper! I mean, really, who can concentrate on a final paper (Cultural Relativism & the Sociology of Art, anyone?) with a dirty bathroom? Housework is a great study aid! Yeah, that's it!

At this moment, I'd give a lot to have a term paper to write, in order to avoid scouring the tub. The whole "I'm gonna stay home and be a housewife all summer, won't that be fun!" novelty has worn off considerably since Friday.

Seems that cleaning the bathroom isn't on my Top Ten List of Favourite Things to do in Lieu of a Root Canal.

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Anonymous said...

and the problem is that staying at home makes it so much easier to put off til tomorrow what should be done today.