Saturday, July 21, 2007

Hail, Hail, Rock & Roll! (Or, How to Impress a Group of Mexicans) (Or, Why am I Awake Already?!)

Quietly, please, and keep the lights off already! It was a late, late night last night. Late enough that Bagheera got today's morning dose of medication when we got home. Blarg. But - was it fun? Oh my, yes!

The school pub night was great. It's amazing how astonished & impressed the students are to find that their teachers a) go out in public, and b) drink. I spent most of the time hanging out with a bunch of the Mexicans, since their agent from Oaxaca was visiting and, it turns out, is a former student of mine. He's a really nice, funny guy, and I spent most of my evening there catching up with him. I had a shot of tequila before I left, and my goodness but they thought that was cool! It was decent tequila, and I like the stuff anyway, so it went down rather nicely...Guess they aren't used to gringas doing that kind of thing, at least not without lots of sputtering and coughing and grimacing...Also, I didn't realize that most of them were watching me, I thought I was being sort of discreet. Anyway, it got quite a cheer. I'm not sure if I felt pretty cool, or pretty embarrassed. Both, I guess - but it was funny. Let's see how much I get ribbed about it on Monday!

Then over the bridge to Granville Island to watch Mr.Q's band play. I had some company, which was fun. Usually I get to sit alone while they play, trying to obviously look like I'm With The Band. But not this time! One of the teachers from work came out, and so did Trouble. Who was pretty tame, and wore no panties on her head at any point. Whether the bruise on her arm resembled a country is up for discussion; she says Japan, I say more like one of the Baltic states.

There was some mighty fine rock & roll blasted out by all three of the bands. My ears are still ringing a little, but it was well worth it to see Mr.Q in his full Viking Rock God glory:

(Again with the nimble fingers...mmm!)

There was beer, and more beer. And Saint Rabbitch either virtuously denying all knowledge of how her glass came to be empty, or praying for more. You be the judge:

Since her glass filled up again pretty quickly, I'm going with the latter. The photographic evidence:

(You didn't think I'd go a whole post without knitting, did you?!) We worked on washcloths for her WISH drive (for details, see her July 10 post). The knitting also enjoyed the show:

Now all the blog needs to be complete is more mention of cats...which I'll refrain from doing at any length, since it would be a litany of veterinary woes, what with Bagheera still puking, and now Singe with a gummed-up, inflamed eye (He goes to the vet today, and it's Mr.Q's turn to make the trip...aargh!)

I'm gonna see if I can get back to sleep, I have NO idea why I'm up at this ungodly hour! And there's no cream for coffee - criminal! 'K, bye!

(P.S. - this is my 100th post already - craziness! Yay!)

(P.P.S. - why is Blogger so stupid with the spaces between the paragraphs?)


Rabbitch said...

What a good night, but holy CRAP am I un-photogenic. I'm pretty sure I'm hotter than either of those pictures, especially the second one where I have nine bellies *g*

Rebecca said...

Sounds like a fabulous night! And for the spaces - it's kind of standard HTML practice - always double spaces with the enter key. If you want single space, try shift-enter. That sticks in a break instead of a paragraph. You could alter the code, too, but blah.