Sunday, July 22, 2007

Look Ma! No Knitting!

My "baby" brother is 22 today...Happy Birthday, kiddo! My sister (formerly known as the Princess Bride) and I wanted to have a wee party for him. The fact that he lives in Canmore and we live on the West Coast was no deterrent. Besides, we had to help break in their new fire hydrant. So Mr.Q & I trekked out to Langley last night, where we had beer and hot dogs and wore party hats and got the puppy all hyper. Tons of fun!

The guys filled the fire hydrant about half-full with a LOT of Corona:

And finished it off in remarkably short order:

A group photo with the "birthday boy":

And, the birthday boy, closer up:

"Uncle" Quimby with the puppy (she's about half the size of our cats, and has about 10 times the energy of all three combined!)

She really liked his pony tail, and kept trying to bite it and wrestle with it.

After a delicious dinner, there was an enourmous fruit salad, with whipped cream. From a can. Which comes with a certain protocol.

Sis handled her mouthful a lot better than Mr.Q did. She made a rather astute observation about that fact, having to do with girls being better at swallowing...ahem! The blush on Mr.Q's face when she said as much was worth every bit of whipped cream that I inhaled laughing at it. I swear, if we'd giggled any harder, a little bit of pee would have come out!

(C - you're welcome for not posting the picture of you "smoking" the lighted hot-dog!)

We stayed over, and Sis made us a loverly breakfast before we headed home. We picked up some Fireweed honey ("the champagne of honeys!") at the Honeybee Centre on the way to the Sky Train. And to make the weekend perfect, we were even greeted by the sight of NO cat puke when we got home!


Anie said...

those quimbies, dey know how ta have a goot time..oi oi!

Rabbitch said...

My goodness, those Quimbies are indeed party animals.