Sunday, July 8, 2007

Yar, matey!

Yesterday I had a far better yarn store experience when I went needle-hunting. I ended up at 3 Bags Full, where they found me the needles I wanted. They didn't look at me like I was nuts when I explained that yes, I really did want bamboo needles to knit lace; yes, I knew what the problems were, but I had my reasons; I would sharpen the points myself and be careful with the join, and see just how well I could muddle along.

Instead, Francesca pulled out her own edition of the Mystery Stole, and gave me lots and lots of tips, as well as some of her magic chart-highlighting-tape. And told me to come back if I needed any help, which she totally didn't have to offer, since I didn't buy the yarn at her store.

I did pick up some other yarn, though (which she offered, unasked, to wind for me! Take that, Other Yarn Store!) I couldn't resist when I saw the name: "Black Purl." Not only does it tickle my funny bone, but it means that all the time I spend knitting with it, I'll be reminded of Johnny Depp, and that's always a good thing! Besides, it's awfully pretty:

Also, note that it's actually not blue. I'm making a real effort to try to branch out into other colours. (But there were so many pretty, pretty blues...)

I started the first part of the first chart of the Mystery Stole this morning. It took me about 2 hours to do the first 15 rows (4 times!) but I think I finally have the hang of it. As long as I go really, really slowly; as long as no-one speaks to me at all while I'm knitting; and as long as I say the stitches out loud as I go. A total of about 3 hours of work today got me this far:

It's pretty close to scale, which is a little scary! But it's real, live lace, knit up by my very own wee fingies. Wahoo! I made a trip out for dental floss, and put in the first of many lifelines, Just In Case. My brain hurts, and I LOVE IT. It's magic. Very, very slow magic, but magic all the same.

To keep me sane, I also cast on a simpler project to give my brain a bit of down time. Another pair of socks, in Rabbitworks' No Mean Feets.

(Because I can't stay away from blue entirely, can I?) I love how the blues are knitting up next to each other. I love that knitting (plain & simple!) socks is now "easy knitting" for me...I would never have guessed it would happen! It gives me hope for the stole, and for that eventual sweater....whee!


Rabbitch said...

Thank you for the picture, I always love seeing my yarn after it's been set free into the wild.

And you'll do fine with lace. Just remember it NEEDS to be cussed at.

Anie said...


Rebecca said...

Your mystery stole is looking great! After reading your blog, I decided it sounded like too much fun and I, too, much join. So, now I am just looking for the perfect yarn. I thought I would have some in my stash, but nope, must purchase more. And then I found the perfect yarn online, but they only have two skeins, and I need three. *sigh* Glad you found a good yarn store - when I have a bad experience I won't go back. One of the two closest to me is like that.