Thursday, July 19, 2007

Haven't you always wanted a monkey?

Whee! This time away from the Mystery Stole has been productive...enough that I'm itchy to get back to the lace again, a good sign!

First, a pic of Jel at a meet-up last week, with her not-then-finished sock (I believe she's wearing her finished First Pair today - yay Jel!)

Next, my in-progess first Monkey sock, in the Titania colourway from Blue Moon. It's a little crazier than I was expecting, and I love it...

I'm gonna have the shexiest feets this winter. Tomorrow: a big night! A school pub night, which is always fun. And then Mr.Q's band is playing at the Backstage Lounge. Which would be enough fun on it's own, but I's gonna have some crazy knitting fun while I'm at it. Heh! Knitting, beer, and rock'n'roll. I'll have to remember to bring a washcloth to work on, and my head lamp.

Last but not least, a Very Dignified Laundry Fairy:

Otherwise known lately as Puke-a-saurus Cat...he goes back to the vet tomorrow for another look-see. Happy thoughts would be much appreciated!

But for now - dinnertime - raisin bran with fresh blueberries. Quick, easy, and very few dishes. Perfect!


Rabbitch said...

You are The Sock Star, indeed.

Looking forward to tomorrow night. I'm bringing a washcloth as a) that's all I can knit and b) I can knit them without looking.

Are you REALLY gonna haul out a headlamp in the middle of the bar so you can knit? Because I don't know if I'm horrified or struck dumb with admiration at the thought.

wavybrains said...

Hope the puke-a-saurus cat feels much better soon!! And our cats also love laundry!

Tally said...

"We could just go up there and hang out.
Like open the fridge and stuff, and there'd be foods laid out for us...
With little pre-wrapped sausages and things. Mmmmm."
"...They have pre-wrapped sausages but they don't have pre-wrapped bacon."
"Well can you blame them?"
"Yeah!" my head after the whole monkey thing! Gorgeous socks!!!