Thursday, July 5, 2007

I think it may be time to take a break from socks for awhile. A "quit while I'm ahead" kind of thing - before I over-do it, and get bored with them. And I have far too much pretty sock yarn to let that happen! Puck's Mischief are finished - they remain, like ol' Puck cat, a little gimped, but still soft and snuggly:

Well, I probably won't quit on socks entirely - they are the perfect bus knitting, after all! But I think maybe it's time to try something a little crazier. Like, oh, say, a Mystery Stole knit-a-long. Never mind that I've never knit lace before, nor have I ever learned to read a chart. What the hell! I figure, it's better to jump in before I really know what I'm getting into, so I'm not limited by preconceptions about how hard it will be.

We'll see if I still feel that way tomorrow, though, in the light of day, when I'm not delirious with the heady musk of wool fumes wafting off my new pair of finished socks. It may be that I will see reason before I head out on a yarn-hunting expedition.


But I kind of hope not!

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Rebecca said...

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous! And do the knit along - lace is just paying a bit more attention to what you are doing, but not really more difficult. I love keeping socks going because they are so portable - perfect for taking with on rides or to shows. Randy has four shows this weekend, so I am expecting some serious sock progress.