Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Stuff and such

Trying to stay awake till at least 9:00, so I don't wake up at 3:00 A.M. tomorrow. But bed was really comfy this morning, and really hard to get out of. Somehow I'd built myself a little nest out of pillows, and was snuggled down into it like a burrow, with the cats at my feet...mmmmm! Can't wait to get back there.

I took my tutoring student to the yarn store today, to get her hooked up with some sock yarn. She chose some stunning new Indigo Moon hand-painted merino, in the colourway on the far left of this photo:

On the bus afterward, she kept opening her bag, looking at her yarn, and grinning. I think that's a good sign. (Or a bad one, we'll see if she ends up with too much yarn to ship back to Korea when she leaves...heheheheheh!)

I was astonishingly well-behaved in the store. My purchases totalled less than $11 (Somehow I resisted the new Lorna's Laces, which almost made me weep...but I get to scratch my own yarn itch on Friday, if it's not heresy to speak of yarn and itch in the same sentence!) I bought a crochet hook for my student, a gift of well-wishing as she starts her first pair of socks. And for me, a pattern, Sivia Harding's Journey Socks:

It's an investment, really, since I need to become more comfortable with cables before I tackle my Eris dream. (I sort of accidentally signed up for a class in September to help me with might be a teensy bit ambitious for a First Sweater! Not that that will stop me.)

Just to show that I'm not all about knitting - I also got some more ATC's in the mail today for a swap. I love these little bits of fun - I can play around with all kinds of ideas, without really screwing anything up too badly. Though I can still make quite a mess of the kitchen with them! The first one had to have a "foreign text" theme; the theme for the second ones was letters of the alphabet.

I'm so glad we don't have cable! I'd be having a lot less fun.

(The kind of not-fun I'm having at work with no air-conditioning right now...I'm lobbying for a bathing-suit option in the dress code, but so far no luck. The thermostat outside my classroom read 29 degrees today. Is that fucked or what?!)

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Rebecca said...

Oh, I hate heat, miserable...

That yarn your tutoring student purchased is beautiful, starting to feel the need for a fiber fix.