Thursday, August 7, 2008

Birthday Five!

Our lovely hobbit-neice Shiloh is five today. FIVE. How the heck does that keep happening? And (like her siblings) she just gets cuter and sweeter with age. (However, I make no predictions for her teen years!) A talented, inquisitive, charming, imaginative girl, who knows just how to work a camera and break a heart. She has decided that the mole on my neck is a pet, has named it Nina, and asks about it whenever I see her. How weird is that? We must be related! I bet she gets it from me.




And a note about this last pic - taken with my cellphone, so not the clearest - on a morning after an all-night jam/open stage/camp out. Two women were playing their "brunch set" - classical pieces on violin and flute, quite lovely! Shiloh clambered onstage, grabbed the guitar, and, perching herself front and centre, proceeded to get right into the music. The guitar was not plugged in, for the record. And no, she doesn't know how to play...but she will! She had some pretty fancy fingerwork going on. Quite the little rocker chick in the making, non? (Uncle Q was most impressed!)

Happy birthday, monkey-girl! Lots of love, from Auntie Q & The Tickle Camel! (And Nina, too!)

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Sue said...

She looks pretty comfortable holding that guitar. Future rock star? ;)