Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Knight in Shiny Armour

We went out to a BBQ tonight, hosted by one of Mr.Q's co-workers. It was a perfect summer evening to be in a back yard, barefoot, drinking cider and enjoying lazy conversation with a background serenade of people playing guitars (and even a banjo!) Came home early-ish, as Mr.Q wanted to head out to catch a friend's band downtown.

As the night was still deliciously mild and the full moon was out, I thought it would be nice to walk him to the bus stop. Went into the bedroom to change my shirt, happened (thankfully!) to look up...and there was an ENORMOUS spider on the wall above the bed. Above my side of the bed.

I think I may have woken the upstairs neighbours when I screamed. I knew I wasn't being melodramatic, either, when Mr.Q came running, saw the beast, and blanched himself. Usually he "liberates" the arachnids, taking them outside. This one got squashed and flushed, post haste.

Walking him to the bus stop after, I was most grateful. I pointed out that it's a good thing I saw it before he left, coz I'd probably have called him to come home and rescue me. Came home, went to wash my feet before bed...

There was another one in the bathroom. IS another one in the bathroom. BIG. Trapped under a yogurt container till Mr.Q comes home.

Not sure I'm going to be able to sleep for awhile! Guess I can use the adrenaline rush to get another bit of knitting done. I'm kind of afraid to go to bed now. I'll be checking the bedding quite thoroughly, at any rate. Can you tell I've kind of got a thing about spiders? Not my favourite. I would not do well in the tropics, I suspect.

(Did I mention that they were/are HUGE?)

Mr.Q gets mega-double-chocolate-fudge-brownie points for offering to turn around and come home, when I called him about the second one. Unless I hear the plastic container move, though, I should be fine. I hope.



no-blog-rachel said...

I'm usually fine about spiders but the ones that are so huge you can see the hair on their legs just freak me out.

Syd said...

I hates them, I hates them, I HATES THEM!!! They scare the crap out of me!!! I too am blessed with a Knight in Shiny Armour...he says I married him for his ability to get rid of the eight legged horrors. There of course are other reasons, but that one alone is good enough for me! Blessings on Mr. Quimbly!!!

Anonymous said...

We had a couple in the house lately right in the laundry i was trying to pick up. They seem to come in when it rains. I've heard that chesnuts around the entry ways ( like around the dryer vent, windows, places like that) will help repel them.
I hate them but the thing is Kent and i both do lol so we have a pact - whoever sees it first gets to call the other person in for the removal.
One time we were on the air ( metal radio show) and one ran across the board lol poor Kent... big metal head scream on the radio!!

Rebecca said...

Ugh, spiders. Our house is plagued with spiders - I take my vacuum to them.

Rabbitch said...

The only time to be scared is if they start calling your name.

No, I don't have a thing about spiders at all, in fact I usually let them live unless they're approaching dinner-plate size (I exaggerate, but only a bit). They eat teh m*thses, my precioussss.

Let me be within about 100 miles of a bee though, and you'll see me do the dance. You know the dance, don't tell me you don't ...