Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Two words, and they're not Happy Birthday. F.O.!

F.O., of course, stands for Finished Object. The first of my 3 WIPs has been wrestled into submission...My first turn on the Ravelympics Podium:

Charade socks, in Dream in Colour's "Smooshy" sock yarn (Dusky Aurora colourway). Going to be awfully delicious on my feets!

Finished all but the Kitchener-ing at my sister's last night...We had a great ol' gals' night, with movies and ice cream (two kinds of Haagen Dazs!) and some exceptionally lovely blueberry wine, which she'd brought back from her recent trip to Nova Scotia.

We watched Sweeney Todd - interesting! Anything with Johnny Depp is going to work well for me. Very weird, very gory (lots of obviously-fake-but-still-gross arterial spray) and Johnny Depp in tight pants....Followed by Smart People - a slow start, but quirky (I like quirky) and I was surprisingly impressed with Dennis Quaid.

Tonight...back to the Black Hole of Doom, aka the Touch of Whimsy scarf. The never-ending Touch of Whimsy scarf. The scarf which has sucked all the whimsy out of my life. Or at least, out of my knitting. Remind me that I don't want to knit another scarf for a long, long time. At least the Black Hole of Doom is also a Black Hole of Malabrigo. That's some comfort.

'Scuse me while I go curl up under the table with the last of my gin.

(How many pairs of blue hand-knit socks is too many, do you think?)


Anonymous said...

I love Sweeny Todd! but then again, I love anything with Johnny Depp...

yarnpiggy said...

I'm so jealous -- an F.O.! And they're beautiful blue socks, to boot.

(I don't think you can have too many hand-knit socks in your favourite colour, can you?)

Barb said...

I speak with great authority, or great wine, you choose. Five million pairs is too many. Glad to be of service.