Saturday, August 30, 2008

Can't Sleeeeeeppp!

It's 3:27 AM. I want to be sleeping...I need to be sleeping! But I'm not sleeping. Mr.Q is tossing and turning with a toothache. A really bad one, from the sounds of it. (Not to mention the complaining he's been doing about it all day.) I don't sound very sympathetic, do I?

Frankly, I'm not. He's been kvetching about this particular tooth on and off for months now. Months. And I have been telling him for all those months to go to the bloody dentist already. He keeps muttering on about how we don't have the money.

Well, maybe we don't have the money, exactly. But thanks to his job, we have frackin' dental insurance! F**k a duck in a hurricane!

I took some painkillers in to him a few minutes ago. He looked up at me with sheepish eyes and asked if I was mad at him. "No, not mad. Just trying not to say I told you so."

"Oh, you can go on and say it."

"OK then. I told you so."

I just hope he can find someone open on a Saturday that can help him. I won't be around to find out, though. I have a Very Important Date. Which is why I need my sleep! (I got myself all packed up before bed tonight, to maximize efficiency. Camera: check. Knitting, for waiting in line: check. Cell phone charged: check. Phone numbers of fellow bloggers, to finalize our strategy in the morning: check. Credit card hidden and unavailable to me: check! All stowed in my Ravelry bag, chosen not just for knitting hip-ness, but for sturdiness and size. I do like morning S.E.X.!)

OK. The pitiful moaning seems to have stopped. Perhaps I'll try going back to bed. I'm not as heartless as I sound. But I am tired, very. Also a little PMS-y & thus the filters are down and I'm more likely to call bullshit. I do hope he feels better soon. But I'm not feeling like coddling him much at the moment!


yarnpiggy said...

Yippeeeee for morning S.E.X.!!! Maybe even continuing into the afternoon! :-) See you there!

Sorry about Mr.Q.'s toothache; normally I'd sympathize with him, but seriously: you need a good night's sleep before a hot date. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Envy (100)

Hey do you happen to be up for Pay it Forward? I'm getting no takers on my blog :)

Leone said...

Well, you were very coherent today, I couldn't tell you were up all night :) I linked to you on my blog, let me know if that isn't okay. I hope your hubby is feeling better and you're getting more sleep soon!

Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

I love you in all your weirdness big sister. I wish I could have come. What an awesome sister day out that would have been.

Instead, I cut my material for my curtains with my mother-in-law and ogled her craft room. (complete with old style calligraphy pencils and batik pen.) Almost as good as crazy yarn sales and public fondling of %100 wool and recycled silk. *sigh*

Rabbitch said...

Um, didn't I send you the names and phone numbers of two extremely good dentists, oh, six or eight months ago?

Bad, BAD Mr. Q!