Friday, August 22, 2008

Existential Questions

Question: How many partially-full containers of fermenting sour cream does a girl need in her fridge?

The correct answer, for extra Quimby-bonus-points, is: "Why, she needs all of them!"

Such an interesting variety of colours! Like a rainbow in the fridge, but without the pot of gold or the leprechaun.

And of course, being all enviro-geeky and stuff, I couldn't just toss 'em all; I had to clean out the containers to be recycled. (Does all the water I had to use cancel out the recycled plastic?)

Good times!


Anonymous said...

I have that happen in fridge way more than I would like to admit. I tell my husband that I'm doing side work for the CDC!

yarnpiggy said...

I cannot tell you how jealous I am that you have time to post about fuzzy sour cream while I desperately try to finish my second (I've totally given up on the third!) Ravelympics project.

Rebecca said...

Oh, I often get tempted to toss nasty containers instead of recycle...and I wonder the same about the water. I should use it before it gets nasty, but sometimes I just don't cook enough, or forget about it, or whatever.