Thursday, August 21, 2008

Done like dinner! (If, you know, I felt like cooking dinner. Which I don't. But you get the idea.)

Whee! After much, much finicky finagling, I finished the second Noro mitten this afternoon, and I am done all the projects I had signed up for in the the WIPs Wrestling Event. Woot woot!

One of the Damned Mittens:

The thumbs fit a little funny, but I don't mind. I love that they're more fraternal mittens than identical. No taxi driver will miss me this winter!

The Touch of Whimsy hat & scarf were a bit of an adventure. I had 2 skeins of Malabrigo wasn't quite enough for the scarf, but I wasn't sure how much I'd need for the hat. And I really wanted the hat. If only to have a couple of knitted pieces that match when I wear them at the same time. But I didn't want to break the yarn - it's pretty bulky to join.

(Doh! I could totally have spit-spliced it. The Noro, too. I just thought of that this very moment. I'm such a git sometimes!)

Anyway. Because I hadn't thought of spit-splicing at the time it was relevant, I needed to find a way to do the hat from the same skein that the unfinished scarf was still attached to. What to do?

Why, knit from both ends, of course! I can be clever sometimes! Though this was a bit of a pain to move around, it worked quite well:

The finished set will be most tasty to wear when the weather cools down (more). Plus, frankly, the colour looks fabulous on me:

That little coil of yarn next to the hat? That's all the yarn I had left over when I bound off the scarf. I was pretty happy about that, too. Malabrigo, like good chocolate or wine, is not to be wasted. (Who am I kidding? Like any chocolate or wine!) To give you a better idea of how little remained:

Finally, I had to take all my FOs out into the yard to play:

Who's going to be a toasty warm Quimby this fall? Hmm? (And, despite the hat-and-scarf set, who's also going to be a walking fashion disaster? I can only hope that the Knitting Police have sharper, pointier sticks than the Fashion Police!)

Feeling the Ravelympic love:

Now to find that can of Strongbow hidden at the back of the fridge to celebrate!


Barb said...

Oh, you're such a gooood knitter. I am so impressed. And humbled and stuff.


Anonymous said...

The mittens look like the complement the hat and scarf set well...but...are you going to wear the socks on your hands?


yarnpiggy said...

Well, I'm glad somebody on the team is getting the job done. :-)

All your projects are very beautiful...and very blue!

Anonymous said...

You are a bizzare and beautiful woman and I love you!

After I read Leah's comment I thought to myself, "Of course she wouldn't wear socks on her hands.....until Leah said that. Now she will have to just to be difficult."

Now I am giggling. :)


Rebecca said...

love the finished projects, especially the hat and scarf!