Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mmmmmm! And, Hmmmmmm.

So the new recipe, salmon with peach-ginger salsa....VERY tasty! Except we don't have a BBQ, so I baked it, but that turned out very well. The only thing I would do differently is remember that there are only 2 of us, and halve the salsa recipe. But I think I'll manage just fine eating the rest of it as is with my breakfast today. You know, make sure it doesn't go to waste and all.

I served the salmon with some roasted rosemary nugget potatoes, and a salad: baby romaine tossed with a balsamic vinegar reduction, topped with tomatoes, dried cranberries, and honey-roasted walnuts. Quite delish! And it met both of my requirements for making it a regular-ish meal: fast and easy. (I do love meals that are fast, easy, and don't get a lot of dishes dirty, but look all fancy...a bit of culinary sleight-of-hand, really!)

(Laurie asked about the frozen yogurt recipe: I didn't use one, I just faked it. Took some plain yogurt, stirred in some honey and some frozen raspberries, put it in the freezer, stirred it every once in awhile. It was really good, but next time I'd puree the raspberries first - the big frozen chunks were a little difficult to eat. And let it soften a few minutes before serving.)

Mr.Q went out to a band practice after dinner, and I was catching up on some blog reading...out of the corner of my eye, I caught a movement by my foot. Looked down to see which cat it was...and it was a mouse - ran right up to my foot, saucy little beggar! The cats? All asleep in the bed! They are so fired!

I carried a couple of the lazy beasts into the living room and put them down in front of the shelf that the intruder had run behind. They took it in turns to stand watch, very intently, for an hour or so. Then got bored and wandered off. At which point, the mouse ran right up to my foot again.

Now, I'm not afraid of mice at all, but I don't exactly want them running around in my house, either. Especially when we have three cats that are supposed to keep the critters out! There's a lot of construction going on in the neighbourhood, which always means an increase in critters running around...but still!

Anyway. When Mr.Q got home, we pulled all the records off the one shelf that we couldn't see under, and had a good look around, but couldn't see anything. The cats came back and started on guard duty again. (So intent, they were! I tried not to laugh at them, for fear of offending their dignity, but it was quite funny) I didn't hear anything last night, but one of the beasties is napping on the still-empty shelf, and seems too relaxed for there to be a mouse nearby. I'm hoping somebody had themselves a midnight snack last night.

But I'm also not leaving the bread or anything on the counter, just in case! Eeep!

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Anonymous said...

Ok i'm truly lol'ing at the mouse now! My mom would say 'more nerve than Dick Tracy' whatever that means :P
I'm going to try the frozen yogurt today - good tip about blending it first. Although i do love to eat frozen berries just as they are, i think the lumpiness in this case would put me off.
Hmm i think i'll measure it all out and post the results on my blog tomorrow :) tyty!