Monday, August 11, 2008

Hinterland Who's Who...or, How to Spot a Canadian in the Wild

Yesterday, I finally got myself out to a Ravelry get-together with some of the other locals. It was kind of a Team Canada, Western Division Ravelympic session, and great fun was had by all. After a couple hours at the coffee shop (where we participated in such events as Confound the Muggles with a Swift, and the Yarn-Fondling Relay) we took ourselves down to one of the neighbourhood yarn stores for some "group therapy."

(Side note: I called Mr.Q en route to the get-together for a little encouragement - I was feeling kind of shy, going to meet a group of total strangers. He said all the right things, and then closed with this: (really, how could I not keep him? He's perfect!) "...and if you have an accident at the yarn store, have fun, don't worry about it, we'll figure it out later." Swoon!)

(And of course, walking into this group of total strangers was just fine, since it was, after all, a gathering of My People.)

Anyway, at the yarn store - not one I usually frequent, as it's more for spinners, but that also means New Yarn to fondle! - there was lots of enabling going on; mutual fondling that was perhaps only borderline-appropriate for a First Date; an intriguing discussion of who does and who doesn't smell yarn when they pick it up, and how their Muggles react when they do...and a Quintessential Canadian Moment.

To set the scene: In the store, there were about 6 of us, a single other customer, unknown to any of us, and the store clerk. Across the (tiny) store, my ear was caught by one of my teammates, humming to herself. I perked up: "Are you humming the Log Driver's Waltz?"

"Yes, I think I am!" she replied. To which one of our group said, "What song is that?"

She was answered with a collective gasp from everyone in the store. "You don't know that song?" "You know, that old National Film Board short." "You realize they might take away your Canadian citizenship for that!" And spontaneously, in unison, the solo knitter and I started singing the chorus, with several others humming along. It was very surreal, and very funny, a scene out of a cheesy musical or maybe Men With Brooms. (I so heart Paul Gross!)

"Nope, never heard it," said the knitter in question. "But I do know Land of the Silver Birch..." Which, of course, necessitated another in-store sing-a-long.

I love knitters! And being a Canuck. (The nationality, not the hockey team. Let's not go there, shall we?)

(And I walked out with only one skein of yarn: Misti Alpaca hand-painted sock yarn, in their tasty "Blues in the Night" colourway)


yarnpiggy said...

That was fun -- but I "beat" you: I made it out of there without any yarn! (On second thought...)

no-blog-rachel said...

Wow. Mr. Q. totally redeemed himself from the 'bring me a beer, woman' incident with that one!

Anonymous said...

I totally love you big sis!


Sue said...

That was wonderful! And for the record, I smell yarn and I don't care who's looking!

Rebecca said...

I met Yarnpiggy online through a swap - and then noticed that you are one of her Ravelry friends. You Canadian people, I just like ya! ☺