Friday, August 15, 2008

The Butt of the Joke

On my way to a knitting meet-up the other night, I was pleasantly surprised to see that an old nightclub in the neighbourhood was being converted to a Starbucks. Now, I'm not a fan of Starbucks at all, especially when they set up just down the street from one of the best indie cafes in town...but in this case, anything was better than the former "exotic show lounge" named (I kid you not) Uranus. Like, eeew! So, good riddance!

Making dinner tonight was a bit of a frustrating endeavour at first; all day I'd been craving a salad with lots of tomatoes and basil and bocconcini cheese. Perfect for the hot weather. Except that what I had thought was fresh basil in the fridge was, in fact, cilantro. And the bocconcini had very definitely "turned" - stinky! Terribly disappointing. And disorienting, too - now what?

Why, scrambled eggs, of course! With some brie melted in. Mmmm!

In the middle of the muddle, though, trying to adapt dinner plans at the Very Last Minute, Mr.Q started reading me random bits of trivia off of Wikipedia. This can be distracting at times, but usually it's a good way to keep him entertained and out of my way in the kitchen. Tonight, I was startled by a joyful squeal: "Right on! That's cool!"

"What is, oh darling husband?" I asked with great wifely interest, as I gracefully whisked the eggs, being careful not to splatter my elegant coiffure or my stylish heels-and-pearls. (Hey, it's my blog! I can play make-believe all I want!)

"Uranus has a moon with the same name as me!" He was quite excited about it.

And because I am such a paragon of ladylike virtue, I resisted the obvious cracks.


Seems part of me, at least, is still in high school after all!


Anonymous said...

Last year we were driving back to Victoria with Kent's son Matt who was nearly 14 at the time.
He told us about how the kids in his class found out there was a town in the states called Mianus ( in Connecticut)
The jokes ensued and finaly required a pulling over of the car since the Driver was laughing so hard he was crying
"are there any danceclubs in Mianus?"
"How many accidents are in Mianus?"
" How much does it cost for a lube job in Mianus" ( my contribution i'm afraid to say - but i am still giggling)
There were a f*cktillion more of course... but for some reason this is the one that cracked us up til we cried - said by the boy as we drove past Tim Horton's - " Rollup the rim in Mianus"

Yes all of us at some time are juvenile boys...:P

no-blog-rachel said...

Really? Uranus has a moon called 'Harold Quimby'? Wow! :)