Monday, August 18, 2008

In like a lion...

My Baby Sister turns...well, something or other today. I'm not going to say, coz it makes me feel old! She's a talented, clever, creative, whirlwind - an all-around Very Cool Person. (She learned it all from me, of course!) We share a love for music, knitting, potlucks, baked brie, cider, sci-fi TV shows, non-waxing, socks-n-sandals, and The Princess Bride.

Here she is, doing one of the things she does best:

(And, I might add, also doing a great job of not laughing while we surprised our middle sister by singing Wild Thing at her wedding. As part of the ceremony. Heheheheh. Good times!)

Happy Birthday, Baby Sister! Moo!


Anonymous said...

I'm 27. not even close to old. Besides, didn't you hear? 30 is the new 20! That makes me a teenager! :P

yarnpiggy said...

As part of the ceremony itself? That is too cool!

Barb said...

So, um, my BABY turns eight years old in a few months. I can't even begin to fathom how old that makes me.