Friday, August 8, 2008

WIP it, WIP it good!

Today is an auspicious day - not just for the apparent good vibes of the date - 08/08/08 - but it's also the opening ceremonies of a major world event:

Yours truly is a member of Team Canada, competing in the WIP Wrestling event. (That's Work(s) In Progress, for the Muggles). I have part of a sock to finish, a third of a scarf that needs a hat to match, a lone mitten...all needing some attention. I mean, I can't wear them while they're full of pointy sticks! This is the perfect kick in the arse to get them out of the way - clear some space for the new projects, like the "sweater" (in its larval form) that I brought home yesterday. (Never mind the other UFOs - the cardigan, the Tuscany shawl...)

Today isn't so much about knitting fiercely; rather, it's about pacing myself, getting the lay of the land...time trials, if you will. I have patterns printed out and handy, skeins wound, singles waiting for mates, and a perfect little set-up for an "arena":

And an auspicious omen - my Ravelry T-shirt arrived today. Perfect timing!

I've trained hard for this, I feel like I'm at the top of my game. I'm honoured to be representing my country, and I'll do my best to be deserving of that honour. Good luck to all my fellow Ravelympians.

Go Team Canada!

(omg - I think I hear an ice cream truck outside - I didn't think they did that anymore. Tres cool! Though the "music" is as bad as I remember...sounds of summer, baby!)


Stella said...

Good luck team Canada!

I was going to join but I'll be on vacation in a couple days and won't have time to knit. (yes the horror).

And i'm totally jealous you got that shirt. They didn't have it in my size when I found out about it. :(

Rabbitch said...

I'm finally catching up on blogs ... go team Canada!