Monday, November 2, 2009

All Hail the Boomtown Rats

Day 2, and I'm still here blogging away! On our own computer, even, which came back from the "doctor" yesterday. And wasn't nearly as expensive as I'd feared, though apparently it was quite a mess. Hooray for tech-head friends!

A couple pics....From Hallowe'en as a Cereal Killer (not at my most fetching, I must say!):

This was the get-up that almost made one of my students cry. My back was to the door when she came into class late. I turned around and gave her The Look. She shrieked (loudly) and almost burst into tears. I can laugh about it because a) she's in her 20s, not some adorable little kindergartener; b) she laughed about it, too; and c) she's been chronically late, so it serves her right. And I bet she'll be a lot better about being on time now!

Apparently I looked a lot creepier than I'd intended...I suppose the blank stare while licking the cereal boxes from time to time was more effective than I realized.

Playing with the new camera & the first frost of the season:

And why November on the coast makes living here totally worth it:

Note the sandals, hmm? (Yes, with socks - suck it up if you have a problem with it! I'm still wearing sandals in November. Hah!)


Yonners said...

Augh! I just clicked on your website after reading on google reader for so long and saw the new profile! Awesome!

And your costume rocked too. I like cereal.

Annie said...

Love the "Cereal Killer" costume!

Anonymous said...

Awesome costume!!!

monnibo said...

Great makeup!! Hilarious costume :)