Saturday, November 7, 2009

Under the Wire

Sneaking this post in with a mere 15 minutes till midnight...Just got in from a girls' night - Bollywood movies & Indian potluck. Very fun! I didn't take any pics, but I did get a good chunk done on a Plain Vanilla sock. I needed a plain, easy, socializing-safe project, since everything I've got on the go right now requires reading patterns, thinking, and perhaps even counting. Not so good for environments with distractions! So I figured it was time to cast on a plain old basic sock. I'm doing it in BMFA's "Blue Brick Wall" colourway, inspired by a wall somewhere in Madras. I figured it was appropriate for the evening's theme! (My skein has less white and more green & gold than shown on the website, for the record.)

Mkay! Off to make some tea & go to bed...though it's beyond me why I'm so tired after sleeping in this morning and then having an hour-long nap this afternoon (the deep, solid kind of nap that leaves you totally disoriented when you wake up, and foggy for hours after...I blame the cats!)

9 minutes to go - time to hit "publish" - 'night, all!


yarnpiggy said...

Ha ha ha -- check out my title for today's post! Jinx!

monnibo said...

Congrats on keeping up NaBloPoMo! I'm sad to have missed the Bollywood night... but don't want to get you all sick!