Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A party in my mouth!

We had the nommiest supper tonight, and I thought it would do nicely for today's post:

The recipe is incredibly complex and detailed, so please take careful notes:

Take a large yam & chop it into 1-inch pieces. Toss in a baking dish with some olive oil, a little salt & pepper, and several whole cloves of peeled garlic. Roast until it's all soft.

Meanwhile, dice a small onion and saute in olive oil till soft. Add a can of black beans (drained & rinsed), a dollop of tomato paste, some cumin, and maybe a hint of ginger or chili powder. Fry it all up, stirring often and mashing the beans as you go.

When the yams & garlic are done, cream them until at least sort of well-blended.

Spoon beans & yams into slightly-warmed soft tortillas and accessorize as you please. We had cheddar, sour cream, and some diced tomatoes & mangoes that I was going to salsa-ize with some cilantro and a bit of chili, but in the end I decided to leave them au naturel. It was the right choice - the mango perfectly set off the sweetness of the roasted garlic yams.

The beauty of this concoction is that it's super-easy to adapt for vegans and meat-i-vores alike (it would be scrumptious with some shredded chicken!) It's hearty and filling without feeling all heavy and sluggish after. Nom!

Feeling pleasantly satisfied now (though with some wicked garlic breath!) and thinking it's time to settle in with some knitting and X-Files. And maybe a cat or two.

Happy mini-Friday!

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yarnpiggy said...

I'm sooooo thawing out some of my dyeing beans and making this tomorrow. :-)