Monday, November 16, 2009

Banapple Gas

I am really, really glad I'm not Mr.Q today. I just walked in the door dripping wet - there's actually a puddle where I stood to take my coat off - and that was only from a relatively short time outside getting home. Not working outside in the rain all day.

"Pineapple Express" my ass. With a monniker like that, I expect a fast train to a tropical destination, where there are palm trees and beach volleyball and sexy men in loincloths to bring me drinks with umbrellas.

Instead, the damp-cold has seeped inside to the point where Mr.Q, 2 of the cats & I were snuggled up so tight last night (under 2 quilts) that we barely took up half the bed among us. Sounds cozy, but not actually so conducive to a restful sleep!

Mom's in town again this week for work, this time at a hotel just a few blocks from the school. So we met up this evening for dinner at a very tasty Mexican restaurant...Which managed to push the deluvian weather to the edge of consciousness for a little while! I couldn't help wishing, however, that the sangria was really mulled wine. (I did get some ice cream though! With honey on it. And fresh churros. NOMMERS!) Quite a loverly little outing - thanks Ma!

And on the way to the bus, I ran into an old friend from my university days. I haven't seen him in at least 5 years, maybe more...he looks exactly the same, and hugs just as well as I remember. A serendipitous little moment in the rain!

Off to drink the tea Mr.Q just put down in front of me, then probably off to bed when this record is done (Plastic Ono life is surreal!) We should be somewhat warmer tonight, as I had beans for both lunch and dinner today...Mwahahahahahahah!

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