Tuesday, November 24, 2009

(But Tuesday's Just as Bad)

Actually, today wasn't bad at all. There was a bit of open sky over the bridge this morning. The rain was lighter. And for some reason, all the Christmas displays and lights stopped being irksome and started to feel charming.

I love Christmas, I do. But it seems like the hype begins earlier and earlier every year. Before Remembrance Day is hopelessly tacky...Before Hallowe'en is just obscene. And I started seeing stuff out after Thanksgiving for Bob's sake! (Please remember, Gentle Readers, that our Canuckian Thanksgiving is the first Monday in October. Far, far too early for Christmas advertising!) So I've been a little Grinchy about it lately. Until today.

I dunno..something about the quality of the morning light just shifted things. It feels like winter, it seems fitting to be thinking about festivities and warmth and garlands and stuffing recipes and whatnot. When I left work and it was almost dark, the white fairy-Christmas lights up along the street looked magical.

I came home & made a ginormous tuna casserole with potato chip crumbs on top...Why did I never know of this? It's so tasty! Perfect on a near-winter evening. I've recently heard that eggnog goes well with bourbon, and I'm about to try that out while I'm feeling all adventurous with the foodstuffs.

Then, I suspect there will be cuddling with the beasties. Though I'm hoping there will be some playing of tunes first...3.5 weeks till Christmas break! Not that I'm counting or anything!


yarnpiggy said...

Ah, memories...tuna casserole topped with potato chips! Corn chips are good on there, too. :-)

Anonymous said...

I can't stand the fact that the "Christmas season" starts earlier and earlier either. Normally, I refuse to think about Christmas (other than present planning) until after Thanksgiving (I'm in the US). I went ahead and bought my tree before Thanksgiving - but that's only cause I don't shop the weekend after Thanksgiving.