Thursday, November 26, 2009

Tuesday or Thursday?

I have been totally confused all week about what day it is. I think it's coz Monday went by so quickly that I barely noticed it happened. So I'm totally discombobulated. Enough that I actually told one class what to work on tomorrow, in case I forgot to show up. They thought I was being funny. Little do they know!

Met Baby Sis and the kidlets after their trip to Science World today. They were totally buzzed (the kids, that is...Baby Sis looked a little frazzled and kind of kept giggling to herself under her breath) and I got the best hugs! I love Auntie time. And they didn't even ask for Mr.Q! (Which is pretty much a first, in 10 years of shared Aunt & Uncle-hood.) We went for hot chocolate at The Bean, and Mr.Q met us there after work. I'm not sure whether the lady at the window was laughing at the girls, or at Mr.Q. They were all 3 pretty entertaining!

And that was totally the highlight of my day today. That, and the fact that it's Friday tomorrow. I'm very excited about Friday tomorrow. Very, very excited!

(A PSA: Regular readers may notice that I have enabled comment moderation on The Blog. I was starting to get a lot of weird spam, not even the how-to-make-your-willie-not-so-wee kind. Thought I'd see if it makes a difference. Here's hoping!)

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Sarah, Grand-Dutchess of Serendipity said...

I blogged about the giggling. There are pictures.