Thursday, November 19, 2009

Outlook for Thursday

So, my baby sister & her two youngest babies are coming to stay with us for a couple days, starting tomorrow, and I realized that there should probably be some kid-friendly food in the house. I mean, I'm OK with tequila and tomato paste, but I'm not so sure how the kids would feel about that.

So I had this brilliant idea that I'd stop on the way home and get groceries. Mr.Q was right on board with that, and agreed that it would be even more brilliant if he intercepted me at the coffee shop & we could walk home together.

Doesn't that sound lovely? All domestic-like, maybe even a little sweet & romantic?

Yeah. Except, there's, like, a typhoon going on. My pants were stuck to my legs by the time we got home. (Thank Bob for the new Gore-tex jacket! I can't believe I waited so many winters to finally get a Real Jacket!) I think even the Cheerios inside their plastic bag inside the box inside the shopping bag got wet.

Blech! Not my finest moment. Nor, though this may be hard to believe, my most attractive. And now Mr.Q is making me listen to the soundtrack to Hair. On vinyl. My brain does not know how to process it all.

Therefore, my brain will have a cup of tea and take itself to bed in short order. And try not to think about the fact that there is a rainfall warning in effect for tomorrow...which is something like the eleventieth day in a row. I expect I'll wake up with webbed feet any day now...

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Annie said...

If you feet web themselves, I hope you grow gills, too. Highly useful things, gills.