Wednesday, November 25, 2009

One Long Wednesday

Busy busy day today, but a good one! Starbucks has started selling eggnog lattes, a particular weakness of mine...Given the nutritional value (being....oh,!) I have limited myself to one a week. Wednesday seems as good a day as any to mark with a treat. So I bundled up against the elements (I so heart my Gore Tex jacket!) and hied me to the nearest Starbucks at lunchtime. Though it was a bit of a soggy trip, it was well worth it. I did forget to ask for decaf, however, so I may pay for it come bedtime!

(I might also pay for watching X-Files before bed...oy! Chris Carter came up with some creepy, yucky stuff!)

One oddness the last couple of days is that I seem to have lost (hopefully only temporarily misplaced!) my knitting mojo. I couldn't figure out why I had stalled out, but it came to me as I was falling asleep last night: of the several WIPs I have on the go - most of which are at least sort of on a deadline - all of them are at a place where stitches need picking up.

Guess what my next favourite thing to getting a root canal is?

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