Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday Wanderings

We've spent our Remembrance Day holiday having some much-needed down-time. It's cold and threatening-stormy; appropriate weather for the day, I suppose. We didn't go down to the ceremonies today, but did get out for a walk around 11:00. And the reason for the day off was still in mind - reinforced by a few fly-bys overhead:

I wish the picture was clearer, as the planes (some of which Mr.Q identified as Spitfires - I'll just take his word for it!) were brightly painted. A striking contrast against the stormclouds. They - or other planes - flew over a few times. It was pretty neat.

We sat down for a coffee, after picking up a package that was waiting for Mr.Q. A record, of course. (Surprise, surprise!) However, there was something unexpected enclosed: A refund for a shipping overpayment. In a rather unusual form:

Haven't seen one of those bills in quite awhile! I got a few rows on my latest sock done, too. The one I started on Saturday. I had forgotten how quickly a plain vanilla sock can knit up:

Home and tucked in for the late afternoon & evening. Might sit down for some old-school Dr.Who before Mr.Q heads out for rehearsal. Kind of looking forward to a quiet evening solo. I 'spect some tomato soup and grilled cheese are in the immediate dinner forecast as well....It'll go well with the Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme currently on rotation...

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