Sunday, November 29, 2009

Boss(es) of Me

I'd like to say it's been a lazy Sunday, coz it feels that way. But that would be most incorrect. It's been a very busy Sunday, of the best kind. Much crafting for the early part of the day...a couple more gifts taken care of, some of those little piddly finishing tasks finally done. Some headway on Baby Surprise Jacket #2; only a few rows left, and I think I'm going to have to break into a third skein to get to the end (grr!)

Then, an early dinner with Baby Sis & the niblings...We went downtown & met up with Mom, who's back in town for a few more days. It's been awhile since I've had a big fambly dinner, and it was good! We took the kidlets down to the shore for a few minutes, where Mr.Q found them each some shells to take home. At dinner - the Mexican place again - the youngest announced that we all had to speak Spanish, and we should call her by her Spanish name. Which, apparently, is "Princessa." Duly noted!

Walking Mom back to her hotel, the older niece & I "rode horses" down the street. Complete with the "giddy-ups" and "whoas" and calling each other "cowgirl." When my "horse" got tired (being a worn-down old nag!) she let me hold onto her hood and ride with her.

I just know one of my students saw it, and I'll hear about it at school tomorrow. This amuses me greatly. So much so that I think I might be disappointed if it doesn't happen!

Then we listened to They Might Be Giants on the drive home. Quirky, and kind of fun once in awhile! Not a bad way to end the weekend, at any rate...

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Gary said...

I'm hanging on to your hoods vicariously! Thanks for the rides and the Spanish lessons!