Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hootenanny Saturday

The Circle Craft adventure last night was great fun...and a little bit like berry picking: one for Christmas, one for me...One for Christmas, one (or two) for me...and so on! I wish I could show you pictures, but a) I forgot to take any for most of the evening; b) the ones I did try to take of my friend's very sleepy guide dog at the end of the shopping extravaganza are total shite, unfortunately; and c) as I was giftmas shopping, it would probably be a bad idea to post pics anyway! Suffice it to say, it was well worth braving the cold and the crowds to go, and I found some very cool stuff for stockings.

As usual, I enjoyed the company immensely - yay knitters! And at our post-shopping pub visit, I got to sample a couple of the cocktail pitchers that will be on the menu for our Festivus Swap next month. I 'spect we'll have to sample our way down the list that evening. I believe that when the room was booked, they were told that we needed good lighting because we'll be knitting. The poor pub isn't going to know what hit them. This amuses me more than I can say!

Today has been a perfect lazy day, and the evening is shaping up to be more of the same. Mr.Q has just headed out the door to enjoy his Christmas present. As for me, I am going to eat a whole head of roasted garlic, all by myself. I'm very excited about it.

And then, I'll likely eat the whole tube of toothpaste, but it will have been well worth it. The trick will be waiting until it's properly buttery-soft before I take it out of the oven. Because it smells sooooo good, and I want it now!


Carolyn said...

OMG! I didn't know KISS was still touring. My first concert ever was to see KISS - and that was 33 years ago! Oh God, I feel so old now... why did I feel compelled to count the years? Sigh. Good memories though :)

Anonymous said...

Hi "Gladys"
I don't know if we've ever met, I'm Cranny Anie's sister. I read your blog quite often because it cracks me up. I love the cat pics, the knitting stuff and the fact that you teach ESL. Anyway, you are a very entertaining writer. Thanks for the laughs! Irene

Mrs.Q said...

Irene - yes, we have met - and thanks! The awesome definitely runs in your family!

monnibo said...

If you are interested in photos, visit the Circle Craft fan page. I took about half of those. Let me know if you want to "adopt" any.